Kang Jing (KJ) is an internationally published indie comic book creator from Singapore. In late 2019, KJ released his debut comic series, “The World My Arena”, through Kickstarter. The martial arts based series has since been featured on local media (justsaying.ASIA, CNA Lifestyle) and adapted into animated videos (ComicVid by VividThree Productions). It has also led to a spin-off bilingual webcomic series, "Save Me From Chloe". In addition, KJ has also worked on projects with various publishers, such as Graphic Mundi and Arcane Inkdustries.



  • The World My Arena #1 - 7 (Singapore, Oct 2019 - Present)

  • Covid Chronicles (Graphic Mundi, United States, Feb 2021)

  • SingaHeroes (CS Comics, Singapore) Kickstarter Funded

  • The Great Command Meant (Arcane Inkdustries, United States) Kickstarter Funded

Novel Illustrations

  • The Incredible Animal Race (Singapore, Dec 2020)


The World My Arena #1
The World My Arena #5
The World My Arena #2
The World My Arena #3
The World My Arena #4
The World My Arena #6
The World My Arena #7


Creator, Writer, Penciler, Inker, Letterer, Cover

(Oct 2019 - Present)

A low self-esteem teenager who is despised by nearly everyone in his life, Nathan struggles to find his place and purpose in the world. A world filled with mockery, dissing, abuse and misery that seemingly drives him to the brink of death. Life has other plans for him though, as the chanced encounter with martial arts begins the unexpected upturn in his life. But in a world that has been unkind to him, his morals will be challenged at every turn. 


  1.  Fully funded and published through Kickstarter in late 2019

  2.  Featured on local media such as justsaying.Asia and CNA Lifestyle

  3.  Licensed to VividThree Productions Pte Ltd for the production of animated videos on ComicVid app.

Covid Chronicles


Graphic Mundi (United States) (Feb 2021)

Writer, Penciler, Inker, Letterer

2 page comic story titled "The Hero in my Heart"

COVID Chronicles collects more than forty short comics in narrative styles ranging from realistic to fantastic, they tell stories about adjusting to working from home, homeschooling their kids, missing birthdays and weddings, and being afraid just to leave the house. They probe the failures of government leaders and the social safety net. And they dig into the racial bias and systemic inequities that this pandemic helped bring to light. We see what it’s like to get the virus and to live to tell about it, or to stand by helplessly as a loved one passes.

SingaHeroes Anthology


CS Comics (Singapore)

Penciler & Inker

10 page comic story titled "Crimson Star"

And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Singapore's mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat! On that day, the SingaHeroes were born—to fight the obscurity no single SingaHero could tahan! Through the years, their existence has been, well, mostly ignored... even going forgotten many times... but their glory will no longer be denied! Heed the call, then—for now, Majulah SingaHeroes!!

The Great Command Meant Anthology


Arcane Inkdustries (United States) 

Co-Writer, Penciler, Inker, Letterer

4 page comic story titled "Fall from Grace"

Every day we are bombarded with a host of commands. We give them, receive them, and are forced to interpret what they mean instantaneously. But do we ever get a chance to reflect? To truly understand what a command is, and what it means? And if we had another chance, would we say something different? Do something different?


Save Me From Chloe Web Comic Series


Creator, Writer, Penciler, Inker, Colourist, Letterer

Weekly Comic Strips

A spin-off title from the pages of The World My Arena, join the whacky siblings, Nathan and Chloe, in their day to day antics which is bound to amuse you. How will the protective older brother, Nathan, deal with his witty and playful younger sister, Chloe? Find out in The World My Arena Q - Save Me From Chloe, a non canon, all-ages, chibi weekly comic strips available in both English and Mandarin.


The Incredible Animal Race


Penciler, Inker and Cover

(Dec 2020)

Ready! Steady! Go!
An immortal organized a race for all the animals to compete. The first dozen to win would be immortalized forever by becoming a part of the Chinese zodiac.
Who would be the terrific twelve to complete the journey before the others? Who would be the champion? How would each contestant cross the river to get to the finishing line?

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